A couple of weeks ago saw the inaugural meeting of the French Book Club.

At the moment, due to Covid restrictions, it is only open to Year 7 children and we are fortunate to have no fewer than 7 children in that year group for whom French is an additional language and were therefore able to tackle a substantial novel. We met in the BG room with the children and Mrs Kelly, our French teaching assistant, to discuss the book entirely in French, from what we thought of the plot to our favourite characters. The story was set in a French school so we were able to talk about the differences between that school and Lambrook too.

Sophia has written a summary of the book for us, in both French and English. The book is called Enquête au Collège, by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignot:

Ce livre raconte l’histoire de trois collégiens qui enquêtent sur le saccage de la classe de sciences naturelles et l’attaque du laborantin, M. Cornue. Alors que Rémi est suspect, les trois amis, Rémi, P.P Cul-vert et Mathilde, cherchent le vrai saboteur. Ils découvrent une crypte au sous-sol sous la salle de classe qu’ils doivent retrouver avant la personne mystérieuse. Est-ce que les amis vont réussir? Ou est-ce-que Rémi va être renvoyé?

This book tells the story of three high school students who enquire on the sabotage of a science class and the attack of the science teacher, Mr. Cornue. While Rémi is suspected, the three friends, Rémi, Mathilde and P.P Cul-Vert, search the real attacker. They discover a tomb underneath the classroom which they have to find before the mysterious person. Will the friends succeed? Or will Rémi be expelled?

And here is Ciara’s opinion on the book:

Je pense que ce livre est très intéressant parce qu’il y a beaucoup de mystère et c’est très passionnant. Je le recommande à tous.

This book is very interesting because there is lots of mystery and it is very thrilling. I recommend it to all.

We have now borrowed a second set of books and are looking forward to our second meeting after the Christmas break. As time progresses and restrictions ease, it is hoped that more year groups will be able to join in. There is a French library in AH6 and any pupil who fancies trying to read in French is most welcome to come and find me to borrow a book.

Adeline Moston, Head of MFL

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