Lambrook has 4 Houses (Dewar, Alexander, Goodhart and Athlone). Each child, from Pre Prep through to Year 8, is allocated to a House which they are a part of for the entirety of their Lambrook journey (and indeed beyond!). The School has many House challenges throughout the year, which include a House Singing and Instrumental Competition and our annual Sports Day, which takes place in the summer term. 

Despite not being physically in school since the start of the Lent term, the Lambrook competitive spirit has remained paramount, as pupils have taken part in weekly House Challenges, both in the Prep and the Pre Prep.

The Pre Prep children were set a challenge each week by the four House Bears – Derek, Ace, Axel and Gilbert.

Throughout the Remote Learning period, children were tasked to make a bed for their House Bears, followed by the challenge of designing a duvet for their bear and their bed.

The children then made a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for their House Bear, and were next asked to show an act of kindness to someone in their household.

The Pre Prep competition finished with a literary challenge, where the children found unusual places to read. You can see some of the highlights by clicking on the image below:

Pre Prep read in some rather different places video: 

The Prep School were given a new theme each week including Baking, Art, Design and Technology, Kindness, Performance and Charity.

You can watch the general introduction to the Prep School House Competition by clicking on the image below:

Pupils were given House points for participation, some received extras for having special mentions and the winners claimed even more points for their Houses.

Prep School House meetings continued to take place remotely each Thursday morning, encouraging lively discussion around the challenges: it has been wonderful to have each year group represented and to see their participation in the meetings.

The Prep School children kicked off their House Competition with a House baking challenge, which proved extremely popular. The task was to produce something that made pupils happy, and the outcomes did not disappoint. There were cricket bats, cakes of grandmas, rainbows and seaside scenes:

For the Art House Challenge, pupils were inspired by Miss French to draw or photograph four views through their windows. We saw some stunning work and wonderful interpretations, as pupils used a variety of mediums.

The Design and Technology week was set by Mrs Briggs and after creating her own Rube Goldberg across the school, the Lambrook pupils certainly rose to the challenge at home and created some amazing chain reactions, resulting in cats being fed, doors being shut and breakfast being made! You can watch a video of the highlights by clicking on the image below:

Chain reaction video: 

After a couple of challenges creating chaos across our Lambrook homes, it was time to show some kindness to those around them. Pupils folded laundry, baked for neighbours, put the bins out, delivered flowers and made cups of tea:

Half term gave pupils some extra time to perfect and submit their rather impressive performances. We saw poetry reading, piano playing, cello recitals and some superb singing. Some pupils even had a go at making their own instruments, with the winner making their own recorder out of a carrot!

Click on the images below to watch the videos:

The final week had a Dragon’s Den theme, as pupils pitched their ideas for a Lambrook Charity Day raising money for their own chosen charity, We hope to be able to put some of these winning ideas into practice at our next charity day.

You can read more about the origins of the Lambrook School Houses here:

The Origins of our School Houses – Lambrook (

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