Lots of our pupils were able to be back in Lambrook’s classrooms this week and our teachers were so impressed with how their learning has easily transferred back into a more conventional setting for learning.The children have adapted easily again to their different Year Group ‘Pods’ and it’s a credit to their positivism that they’ve quickly embraced new routines and routes around the school. There has been a huge amount of enthusiasm for school and learning displayed in their work. It was lovely to have our Year 8 pupils back, enjoying Lambrook’s grounds at their best, in the summer term.

In Geography this week, the Upper School children were tasked with designing and creating a water park. With the onset of the hot weather the children put their geographical, scientific and theme park knowledge to the test, e.g what’s the best landscape for a zip line and why? and, as result, created exhilarating courses that were fun, inventive and most importantly tempting to dive into!

Both our Year 7s and Year 4s have been designing and sculpting pottery this week. The Year 7s made some beautiful mini platters and the Year 4’s made chickens. We’re sure they’ll look amazing on our Lambrook families’ summer dining tables.

In Year 6 Religious Studies’ classes this week, the pupils also put their design skills to the test. They created and designed board games based on a topic they had previously studied in class.  This helped to not only refresh their knowledge but also give them a new perspective on a topic. There was some really great team work in evidence that produced imaginative and creative games with clear instructions and some even had 3D designs! This was a great way to collaborate as a new class pod and play each others board game!

Our Middle School historians were tasked with solving the exciting mystery of ‘Otzi’ the Ice Man in a ‘History Mystery’ lesson this week. He was found in the Alps in September 1991 by climbers. He is the natural mummy of a man who lived between 3400 and 3100 BCE trapped in the ice. The students had to examine a number of pieces of evidence and generate questions around what happened to Otzi and how he died. The year groups were abuzz with theories and questions, students who were joining the class online then presented their ideas to the rest of the class in school via Flipgrid. Some pretended to be Otzi, some were reporters or detectives – it was a lesson that sparked research and imaginations.

In Lower School, Year 4 have been learning all about teeth. One pupil learning remotely did the extension activity. He put eggshells in different drinks for a week to see what the drinks would do to tooth enamel. The results he shared from water, vinegar and fizzy, sugary drink, might make us all think twice when choosing our next cooling beverage!

Our Rainbow themed layer cakes for the final meant that the Great Lambrook Bake Off finished in a riot of colour. Thank you to all the pupils who have participated, the cake challenges got harder each week, but each week the judges were surprised and amazed at your skill, imaginations, designs and ability to tackle anything. You are all Star Bakers.

Our pupils and their teachers are still sending us their thoughtful acts of kindness and there has been some brilliant initiatives. Three Lambrook siblings (including an Old Lambrookian) and their family had the innovative idea of exchanging lettuces they had grown in recycled tins for a tin of food for a local charity, Nomad, that helps families who are struggling. They raised over £200, calling the initiative ‘A Tin for a Tin.’

Pre Prep has also enjoyed teaching, playing and learning outside this week. They played especially designed games for social distancing, pond dipped and Mrs Farrar enjoyed talking to the Year 2’s before they move up to Lower School in September. Our grounds have never sounded better.

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