Lee Grant joined joined Lambrook in 2019 and during lockdown, has been inspiring our pupils with his musicianship and song writing, and of course, his teaching!


Tell us a bit about your role at Lambrook and how long you have been here

I work in the Lower School, I am a Year 4 Form Tutor and I teach Maths, English, Science, wellbeing and Games. I am also part of the safeguarding team and I am in my second year at the school.


What did you do before Lambrook?

Before I was at Lambrook, I was working in London. I worked in two London Boys’ Schools – The Falcon School for Boys and Wetherby Prep.


What do you enjoy about being at Lambrook?

I remember my first visit to Lambrook for my interview, and I was just in awe of the grounds and the outdoor space and the amazing facilities! I remember seeing what a wonderful place it would be to work. So that was my first visit and how I felt, and now I’m here, and it is a wonderful place to be, and I really enjoy that about Lambrook, as well as many other things too!


What is your favourite school day of the week and why?

That is a really tricky question, because no Monday is ever the same, no Tuesday is ever the same and the same for the rest of the week! It is difficult to pick a specific day, because every day is completely different! I arrive each morning with some sort of plan, but things happen, and things change and that’s the joy and great pleasure of being a teacher. It is full of surprises and you never know or are quite sure how the day is going to go. The days are usually different, but they are extremely positive and happy, and that’s the joy of being a school teacher!


What is you favourite Lambrook event?

I haven’t experienced too many wide school events yet as many of them have had to be postponed. I was invited to perform in a Jazz group at Lamfest a couple of years ago before I joined Lambrook though, which was great fun! I am very much looking forward to the House Singing Contest.


You have been inspiring us with your musical talent during lockdown. Tell us how you got into music and what you play?

I remember being in an assembly at my school when I was a young boy, and I was desperate to play a musical instrument. My headmaster announced that they were going to be starting violin lessons and if anyone was interested, then they should let their teacher know. So I jumped at the chance and I started playing the violin – it didn’t matter what the instrument was at that point, I just wanted to play something! I learnt the violin, as my first instrument, and then I had piano lessons and then later on, my stepfather had an old saxophone lying in the attic, which he let me borrow and that was it – I have played the saxophone ever since! I have a guitar as well, which I am practising and teaching myself, but I am still working on that!


Who is your musical inspiration?

My musical inspiration started off as my stepfather. He was a music teacher, and still is today and he can play any instrument. I remember watching him while I was growing up, and him being able to pick up a music instrument and be able to play it – and play it well! And that really inspired me, not only to get into music, but also to play well and then I wanted to join bands. I remember joining my first band called Spilt Milk, with a few of my friends. So yes, I was inspired from my stepfather first and then by various other musicians that I have grown up listening to.


You are also really involved in sport at Lambrook, what has been a sporting highlight during your time here?

I love teaching Games – it is a fantastic opportunity to get out in the wonderful outdoor space, and so every games session is a highlight for me! I do recall last year when we were actually allowed to play fixtures, I was particularly proud of my Year 4 A football team. We were on a good run and won many games, scoring many goals, so that would definitely be my particular highlight.


Is there a sport that you would love to try?

I do love sport and I still play myself when I can. I used to, when I was younger, I was involved in a martial art called Capoeira. I injured my shoulder a few years’ ago which prevented me from carrying on with Capoeira but one day I would hope to, and would love to, get back to taking part in it.


What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form and combines martial art, music, dance and acrobatics.  I became interested in Capoeira whilst I was at University and was later introduced to a Capoeira group by a friend. I enjoy it because it incorporates many of my favourite things – music, singing, dancing, playing, teamwork, exercise and more. It goes back many centuries and it is believed by some that Capoeira was developed by slaves during the 16th century to hide their self-defence training as it is like a dance.


What is my favourite chocolate bar?

I like something really simple, a nice chocolate bar with a cup of tea – I don’t think you can beat a Wispa or a Dairy Milk – that’s the best for me.


We are excited that we will be returning to school in just over a week. What have you enjoyed about teaching remotely? Has anything surprised you?


It has been a real challenge and has been tough at times, but I have been inspired by the pupils to be honest. Seeing how positive they are and seeing how hard that they have been working, has inspired me to keep going, keep working hard, keep doing my best. And I suppose really, I have been pleasantly surprised by the effort and positivity from everyone involved at Lambrook, with the Remote Learning Programme – teachers and of course, the pupils who have just been fantastic. I am certainly looking forward to returning back to school.


What are you most looking forward to about being back?

Firstly, just being back in the classroom with the children, that is what I am really looking forward to, but also Year 4 are going to be working on their school production. Hopefully we will be starting our rehearsals for that, as unfortunately, last year, Year 4 were unable to do the play. I am very much looking forward to that!

You can see Mr Grant’s video that he composed as part of last week’s House Challenge by clicking on the photo below

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