Digital technology and online resources have become an important part of learning and life. At Lambrook, we want all pupils to be safe and responsible when using any IT. It is essential that pupils are aware of online risk, know how to stay safe and know where to go to report problems or to get help.

Please read through these online safety rules below with your child and talk with them to ensure they understand their importance and what it means for them (and for you). When you have done this, we would be grateful if you would digitally complete the online form to say that you agree to follow the rules.

Any concerns or explanation can be discussed with Mr Thrower, our Designated Safeguarding Lead ( and any questions regarding Digital Learning can be directed to John Gracey (

Online Safety Rules

  • I will only use school IT equipment and my Lambrook 2-in-1 device for activities agreed by school staff.
  • I will not use my personal email address or other personal accounts in school when doing school work.
  • I will not sign up for any online service on school devices unless this is an agreed part of a school project approved by my teacher.
  • I will only open email attachments which have been approved by a member of school staff in school or a parent/carer out of school.
  • In school I will only open or delete my files when told by a member of staff.
  • I will not tell anyone other than my teachers and parents/carers my passwords.
  • I will not use other people’s usernames or passwords to pretend to be them online.
  • I will make sure that all online contact that I make is responsible, polite and sensible.
  • I will be kind and respectful at all times.
  • If I come across anything upsetting, unpleasant or nasty, or anything that makes me feel unsafe, I will tell my teacher or my parent/carer immediately.
  • If someone says, asks or posts about me anything upsetting, unpleasant or nasty, or anything that makes me feel unsafe, I will not reply. I will tell my teacher or my parent/carer immediately.
  • I will not give out my own or others’ personal information, including: name, phone number, home address, interests, schools or clubs or any personal image. I will let my teacher or parent/carer know if anyone asks me online for personal information.
  • Uploading or sending my image (photographs, videos, live streaming) online puts me at risk. I will always seek permission from my teacher or parent/carer if I wish to do this. I will not take, share or upload any image of anyone else without their permission and also, if they are a child, without their parents’/carers’ permission.
  • Even if I have permission, I will not upload any images, videos, sounds or words that could upset, now or in the future, any member of the school community, as this is cyberbullying.
  • I understand that everything I do or receive online can be traced now and in the future. I know it is important to build a good online reputation.
  • I understand that there are rules limiting what sort of personal devices are allowed in school and where they can be used, and I will follow the rules. I will not assume that new devices can be brought into school without getting permission.
  • I will not lie about my age in order to access games, apps or social networks that are for older people as this will put me at risk.
  • I understand that these rules are designed to keep me safe now and in the future. If I break the rules my teachers will look into it and may need to take appropriate action.

Online safety and acceptable use agreement