What an emotional week this has been with so many heartwarming moments and personal triumphs. 
We held Music Demonstration two and three on Tuesday and Friday and we were all moved to tears by the end of it. The courage to stand up in front of others and perform is courage enough, but the ability to pick yourself up and start again was demonstrated perfectly on Tuesday when one of our performers very nearly buckled under the pressure of performing in front of a sea of eyes staring down at him. After a quick breather and wise words of encouragement from Mr Whennell, he strode back up to the front and gave the performance of his life. Boy did I wish I’d had a tissue on me!

Then, just this afternoon, the most adorable show of athleticism was put on display as the Nursery children raced their little hearts out in the last of our sports days. They were superstars, not just for their running skills, but because, due to the rather soggy running track , the direction of the races had to be changed. Now, to you and I – no problem at all, but to a 3 or 4 year old, a confusing twist of events. But not so our Lambrook Nursery children! They were simply fabulous! Their adoring parents cheered and waved as they waved back (mid race) and smiled at their appreciative spectators. Yet again, cause for a tissue! 

Well done all our lovely Pre Prep children on your incredible performances this week.

Have a lovely weekend. 

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