The new school year seems to be flying by and it’s hard to believe that we only have two weeks left until half term. It has been an incredibly busy week for the children and a pleasure to see them involved in so many exciting activities.

Year 1 started their week in a cooperative manner as they worked in small groups to build Eiffel Towers out of wafers and buttercream. It was quite a challenge, but the children worked calmly and with great care, taking it in turns to offer ideas and add their wafer; rather like a reverse Jenga! There were smiles all around as they were allowed to eat their finished articles. Reception had an equally delicious French treat on Thursday, making and baking pain au chocolat.

Our Harvest Festival celebrations, led by Mr Thrower were a delight. The Nursery treated us to a tuneful performance of ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ and the Pre Prep brilliantly performed a Harvest Samba, complete with actions. Mr Thrower asked the children to consider where the ingredients of Weetabix come from, and spoke about the significant role of famers and their crops. There was time for reflection and an opportunity to give thanks for our all our gifts. Harvest Festival is also about giving to others, so it was a great pleasure to be able to take your kind food donations to Bracknell Food bank. They were very grateful, thank you.

The Nursery have fully embraced autumn, by exploring the school grounds to collect leaves, pine cones and acorns. These autumnal materials have been used to paint, print and stuff our Lambrook Scarecrow! The charming stories of Percy the Park keeper and his animal friends have enchanted the children and taught them about the value of kindness and problem solving.

Our House Mascots have been named, Derek, Ace, Axel and Gilbert, and House Captains nominated. Many congratulations to all the Year 2 children who bravely presented to their peers.

For those of you who have already attended one of our parents evening, I hope you found it informative and enjoyed the opportunity to discuss how your son or daughter has settled into their new class and how they are progressing. We very much value these opportunities to build positive relationships with parents so that we can work together to give the best possible learning experience.

Wishing you a very happy weekend.

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