This week has been filled with a variety of enriching, fun and engaging activities. In the Nursery, the children have been making a papier-mâché iceberg and clay seals. Their wider knowledge is quite exceptional, as one little girl told me;

’Seals can flip around on the ice and in the water. They can BASH on a Walrus. They are strong and eat fish in the Arctic.’

Reception have recreated the northern lights using inks to create stunning abstract pictures. The text, Brave and the Fox has been the focus for creative writing in Year 1. Their stories are full of adventure, discovery and magic – you will be most impressed.

On Wednesday morning, Year 2 listened to a fascinating presentation by Mrs Archer. She spoke about her incredible experience participating in the 2008 North Pole Marathon. The children saw stunning photographs of the Arctic scenery and watched a video of the race that showed the unbelievable endurance of the competitors as they ran in temperatures as low as -30. They were inquisitive in their questioning and particularly keen to know Mrs Archer’s place in the race, if she encountered polar bears or bumped into Santa Claus! The teachers were in awe – Mrs Archer is certainly an inspiration and a wonderful role model to the children.

Actors from the Aesop’s theatre company performed, ‘Not such an Ugly Duckling’ to the Nursery and Pre Prep yesterday. Using puppetry, a good deal of humour, music and songs their interactive performance gently conveyed the message that bullying is hurtful and wrong. The children were engaged and involved and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

RG’s Valentine assembly was the loveliest of endings to a busy week. With clarity and confidence their booming voices retold the story of Saint Valentine. Gorgeous video messages to their parents included; ‘I love my family more than chocolate cake!’, ‘I love my family all around the world’,‘I love my family to Jesus and back’ and ‘I love my family more than sweets…. even, more than that!’

Their rendition of ‘All you need is love’, pulled at our heart strings. A magical assembly full of moving moments. Well done to RG and thank you for reminding us all of the importance of love.

Happy half term to you all!

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep

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