Welcoming Year 2 back to school on Monday has made this the most wonderful of weeks. They have adapted well to their new classrooms, are thrilled to see their teachers and friends and have relished the opportunity to play within our stunning grounds. With not a minute to lose, their teachers have prepared an exciting timetable of themed activities, including recycling, homes and money. The children have designed refuse bins and surveyed our site for appropriate locations, created shops that include a ‘Queen’s Bakery’ with very expensive cakes, and a plant shop that offers a free rose on entry!

It was Year 1’s turns to visit our beautiful pond this week. As well as admiring the stunning, pink, pond lilies, they were thrilled to discover an array of pond life including dragonfly, water boat man, pond scatters and newts. In the classroom, they have been developing their poetry writing and showcasing their ability to use a descriptive vocabulary brilliantly.

In their ‘Show and tell’ sessions the Reception children have been speaking about different cultures and countries. Using pictures and props they have spoken knowledgeably and confidently about famous landmarks, family heritage, food and traditions. Countries have included, Demark, Germany, Australia and Spain. This week, in keeping with the cultural theme, they recreated the Thai New Year Celebration, Songkran or ‘Water days’, when the Thai people pour water on the troubles of the past. Armed with various containers to carry water, the children put on their own version of Songkran, and enjoyed cooling down in the process!

The Nursery children really are green fingered. Along with beans and sunflowers they have also harvested new potatoes and re homed worms! Their Dinosaur concert was loud, scary and very convincing. With hats on their heads and trainers on their feet, they have been eagerly training for their Sports day next week. It will be filmed for parents to enjoy.

It has been a super week. The children are having so much fun and smiles and laughter are in abundance; they really are so very happy.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep

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