Despite the inclement weather the children have remained in very good spirits. Wearing sunny smiles and full of enthusiasm they have enjoyed a fulfilled final week.

Year 1 looked fabulous dressed as ‘dastardly’ Pirates and spent the day undergoing intensive training that included, walking a plank across shark infested seas, finding a treasure chest using a map and firing cannons at unsuspecting teachers!

Reception have continued learning about mini beasts and this week turned their classrooms into spider’s webs. Using the webs, they carried out a series of experiments to show that a spider’s web is made from silk that is very thin, but also very strong. And spiders have oil on their feet that keeps them from sticking to their own webs! On Thursday, they proudly accepted their Certificates of Achievement and partied like super stars!

The Nursery children competed in a brilliantly organised Sports day. They impressed me with their ability to follow instructions, willingness to take part and wonderful sporting skills. They were also hugely supportive of one another and showed a depth of empathy beyond their years. Like Reception they ended the week, partying, dancing, and playing games- a fitting end to a very happy half term.

Mrs. Payne organised an exciting morning of French games for Year 2 on Wednesday. They played boules and bilboquet and spoke a little French too. They were also delighted to meet the Year 3 team this week. The teachers gave them a flavour of life in Year 3 and the opportunity to ask lots of questions. Having received their Leavers Certificates in Assembly the children spoke about their happy times in Pre Prep. It was heartening to hear them speak with such fondness about their experiences, friends and successes and reassuring to know that they are now looking forward, with confidence, to spreading their wings and flying over to the Prep school, where they will be a credit.

As an unprecedented year comes to an end it is hugely important to focus on celebrating the successes of all the children. I am immensely proud of all they have achieved this year both at home and at school. They have been brave and resilient in difficult times. They have shown curiosity and a desire to learn. They have become responsible and increasingly independent and I have been delighted to witness so many genuine acts of kindness. I am so very proud of them all.

Thank you for being so very supportive this year. Your hard work, time and dedication to supporting your children with their learning has been greatly appreciated. They continue to flourish and grow and I very much look forward to many more treats next year!

I wish you all a restful, peaceful and very happy Summer.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep

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