‘How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it’ George Ellison

Kindness is a core value at Lambrook. Acts of kindness increase energy, give wonderful feelings of optimism, as well as giving increased happiness and self-esteem. With this in mind, this half term’s Head Teacher award will be presented to the children who demonstrate kindness with their words and actions. It has been a pleasure to spend time with each class this week discussing what it means to be kind. Their thoughts are delightful;

‘Kindness is giving cuddles.’

‘Kindness is looking after my very naughty puppy!’

‘It is chocolate cake when I am sad.’ 

‘Kindness is smiling and sharing and caring.’

‘I use kind words like nice, and I love you!’

I look forward to presenting the awards for kindness in our assemblies over the coming weeks.

It has been a busy first week in the Pre Prep classrooms and wonderful to see the children engaging so enthusiastically with the creative curriculum. In Nursery and Year 1, their ‘stunning starts’ have provided great excitement amongst the children and have tapped wonderfully into their imaginations. On Monday morning, the Year 1 classrooms were the site of a crime scene. The evidence – three bowls of porridge, a pearl necklace adorned with the letter G and a scattering of oats. The children played detectives and relished the opportunity to ask questions, problem solve and make up elaborate stories. On the theme of Nursery rhymes, the postman delivered three golden eggs to the Nursery children with a request from Mother Goose who desperately needed their help!

In Reception, the children have continued to settle beautifully and are loving making new friends and exploring the space around them both indoors and outdoors. They have created the most beautiful self-portrait master pieces too – we certainly have some artists in the making.

Year 2 has taken their new responsibilities in their stride. At lunchtimes they collect their food from the servery on a tray and carefully return their plates and cutlery to the kitchen staff. This requires concentration and coordination in a busy dining hall, and I’ve witnessed only a few wobbles! On Thursday, the children enjoyed their games programme and thoroughly enjoyed working with Prep School teachers as they practised their hockey and football skills.

Matron joined me in assembly this morning and we spoke to the children about keeping healthy, happy and safe at school. Matron brilliantly demonstrated hand washing to the tune of ‘Humpty Dumpty’. Despite some changes to our daily routine, I have been so impressed with the maturity and independence of the children. They are confidently entering the Pre Prep each morning, actively taking responsibility for washing their hands and staying within their year group bubbles. Bravo Pre Prep!

Have a lovely weekend.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep

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