We have been blessed with the most glorious weather this week and the children have reaped the awards of having lessons and playing outside.

On Monday, I found Year 2 in a state of heightened excitement. They had received a letter from the Prime Minister’s Personal Assistant that had sent them racing around the school grounds in search of clues. Their adventure ended in the cricket pavilion, where a teddy bear, aptly named Boris, awaited them with a letter from the Prime Minister himself. The letter read, “The pandemic has had a disastrous effect on tourism in London. Children, I need your help!” And so their learning journey ‘Let’s Explore London’ began!

The Reception children are so proud of their ‘All about me boxes’ and have relished the opportunity to talk about the special items contained within. It is a lovely opportunity for the children to develop their communication and listening skills, and their enthusiasm and interest was most impressive. In the Nursery, the children have taught Icy Wincy Spider to Mother Hubbard’s naughty goslings and have had enormous fun making hand print spiders and searching the school grounds for water spouts. Year 1 have continued to investigate last week’s crime scene and even view CCTV footage. Goldilocks is the prime suspect! They have mapped the three bears forest with grid references and compass points, designed colourful ‘Wanted Posters’ and written character descriptions using amazing adjectives.

Today the staff and children swapped their dresses and trousers for an item of denim. In assembly, the children learnt that Jeans for Genes is a very special charity that raises funds for people with genetic disorders and that their generous donations will help provide practical day-to-day support, equipment, holidays and respite. They particularly enjoyed watching a video explaining what genes mean and loved the fact that as humans, we share 98% of our genes with a chimpanzee and 50% with a banana!

It was lovely to welcome some of Year 2 to my office today for cookies and a chat. We had such a lovely time talking about training puppies, hatching butterflies, creatures that visit our gardens at night and Harry Potter. Their weekend plans sounded very exciting too!

I do hope the beautiful weather continues and you all have the most enjoyable weekend.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep

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