One of the many joys of my job is popping in and out of lessons and observing the children enthused, engaged and learning. The progression of skills within a year is incredible, and the beginning of the academic year serves as both a bench mark and wonderful reminder of the progress they make from one year to the next. This was ever so evident in the Literacy and mathematics been taught this week.

In Nursery, the children have started to name and recognise their letter sounds. Maisie Mouse introduced the children to Maisie mountain and the letter, m. The children in Reception have settled well to formal phonics teaching and are learning to form their letters in a neat cursive script. Year 1 are composing questions complete with question marks and reading, writing and spelling words with the ‘ch’ sound. In Year 2, the succession of skills continue to develop through different genre. This week they have written the most effective Kennings poems about the River Thames.

Number rhymes have been echoing from the Reception classrooms, effectively teaching number formation. Charlie crocodile has made an appearance in Year 1 teaching the children about inequalities and the equals signs. Here I witnessed calculations with numbers up to a 100! In Year 2, the children were using their knowledge of place value to solve problems with two and three digit numbers – what incredible progress!

The creative curriculum has continued to engage and stimulate. Incy Wincy has carried on weaving her magic web in Nursery. Fed up with her constant soakings the children kindly designed a variety of vessels that would protect her from the rain. Some floated, others sadly sank, but all showed great ingenuity!  A selection of delicious tasting foods, unusual smells and a feely bag were on offer to the Reception children as they leant about the five senses and how they help us perceive the world around us. The Three Bears led Year 1 into their forest and shared their love of dendrology! The children had great fun naming, drawing and matching leaves to their respective trees. Year 2, brilliantly combined their computing and geographical skills this week. Using Beebots and a map of London, they proved that they were competent at locating landmarks, recording algorithms, and debugging any issues.

Last week’s ‘Jeans for Genes’ raised an amazing £241.50 in the Pre Prep. Thank you for kindly donating so generously to such a worthy charity. We look forward to celebrating Harvest and supporting Bracknell Food Bank in the coming weeks.

As we come to the end of another exciting and inspiring week in Pre Prep, I wish you a restful and happy weekend.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep 

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