The Pre Prep Learning Journeys, culminated in a variety of ‘Marvellous Middles’ this week. Old Mother Hubbard paid another unexpected visit to Nursery and this time, left a dozen eggs. Her dear friend Humpty Dumpty needed help, “How can I protect myself when falling from the wall?” The children have since explored and experimented, scrambled and fried eggs, and even made cakes! 

The Reception Children were hardly recognisable this morning as they arrived at school dressed as astronauts, aliens and stars. They had been specially selected to become the first children to walk on the moon and began their official astronaut training in earnest! The Fresh Water Theatre Company assisted via Zoom, and the children were launched into Space for the most exciting of adventures.

A cuddly array of teddies including Paddington, Winnie the Pooh and Baloo accompanied Year 1 to school today. The teddies spent the day observing the children hard at work, being sketched and painted and were the focus of many an interesting ‘Show and Tell.’ The playground was the venue for a special Royal Tea Party. Dressed in their finest clothes, Year 2 enjoyed a selection of sandwiches and cakes whilst being serenaded by Mrs Burks – a very well-deserved treat for all.

Year 1 and 2 also had an opportunity to share their homework with their peers this week. I was so impressed with the variety and creativity of the children’s work. Year 1 designed the most beautifully intricate houses and papiermâché bowls for The Three Bears. Autumn poems were also written and the children collected a myriad of facts about wild and famous bears. In Year 2, there was an amazing array of London maps, Magic Bus stories, photos’ evidencing litter picking and information about animals and plants living in the Thames.

2EH took to the stage for the first of our videoed class assemblies this week. Ratty, Mole and friends took their audience on a journey down the River Thames from Oxford to London, imparting lots of interesting information along the way. They sang, showcased their artistic talents, and shared top tips on how to save water! It was a delightful assembly and not surprisingly, it received a huge round of applause.

I have been so impressed by all the Pre Prep children this half term. They have grown in confidence and independence, worked with interest and determination, and have shown kindness to their friends and teachers. They have immersed themselves in music, sport and a variety of fun filled afterschool activities and are now ready for a happy holiday. I look forward to welcoming them back in November, relaxed, well-rested and eager to return to Lambrook to embrace another exciting half term.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep

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