Last weekend was so exciting! There is nothing more magical than watching snowflakes fall and I know from my conversations with the children this week, that they were thrilled to wrap up warm and venture into the snowy landscape. We had many delightful photo posts showing snowmen of various sizes, igloos, snow angels and statues. The children chatted enthusiastically about family snowball fights and toboggan races and had clearly relished the opportunity to be outdoors.

Responsibility is this term’s Character value. Awards are being given to children who are assuming responsibility for their learning or for accepting responsibility within their homes. By encouraging the children to develop responsibility we are helping them reach their potential, encouraging them to be caring, dependable and sensible.

Learning from home provides countless opportunities for children to assume even more responsibility and enjoy the benefits of feeling empowered, particularly at this time. I am so proud of the way in which the children are taking responsibility for their home learning, setting their own schedules and developing their IT skills. A growth in their confidence and positivity is evident, and shines through in online lessons and the wonderful work they are producing.

In the wider context, the children are learning that responsibility is not just about how their choices affect them personally, but also, how their choices and actions have an impact on others. The Egg in Nursery has been treated with the utmost care. The children have kept it safe and warm and serenaded it daily. As a consequence, and much to their delight, the Egg has cracked and a rather lively dinosaur has appeared!

A workshop delivered by the author and illustrator Mark Robinson provided the Reception children the opportunity to ask questions and assume responsibility for furthering their knowledge and understanding. Year 1 and Year 2 have been developing their culinary skills and assuming responsibility for their diet. Year 1 devised a Monkey menu and considered the requirements of a making a fruit salad, whilst Year 2 were tasked with gathering the ingredients to cook chapatis.

Experience has taught me that children love to assume responsibility. It fills them with a sense of importance and pride. At home, I am aware that many children are relishing the opportunity to walk their dogs, lay the table and upload their work onto Seesaw. Their independence will grow as a result and I hope will surely benefit you too, particularly at the moment!

I do hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep 

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