With half term in sight, the children have continued to impress their teachers by maintaining momentum and enthusiasm for their learning. The curriculum continues to engage and excite the children, whilst developing their curiosity and creative skills.

The Nursery has resembled an archaeological dig this week and the children have been honing their skills as Palaeontologists. Armed with magnifying glasses they have discovered dinosaur bones in gloop and foot prints in playdough! The Dino Den has been a hub of imaginative play as the children have whole heartily assumed responsibility for the baby dinosaurs in their care.

Much to the amusement of the children in Reception, the teacher’s naughty dragons have flown to China to take part in the Chinese New Year Celebrations. They kindly posted Chinese gifts to each child and have set the children a variety of challenges.

Year 1’s search for Bobo has taken the children on a Journey to Kenya where they have been immersing themselves in nature and culture. They have painted beautiful silhouettes of animal against sunset skies, made African drums and practised speaking simple sentences in Swahili.

In Year 2, the children were challenged to problem solve, think creatively and reason this week. Tasked with making a filter to turn muddy water into clean usable water, they experimented with gravel, kitchen roll and tights to varying degrees of success! An Amnesty International ‘Children’s Rights’ campaign, instigated interesting discussions amongst the children and they expressed their own opinions brilliant.

As half term is now upon us, I hope that you will make rest and a change of routine a priority for your family. Please turn off all screens and encourage your children to play, venture outside and have fun. With Valentine’s day, Shrove Tuesday and Chinese New Year, there is much to celebrate too. The children have responded magnificently to remote learning and should be proud of their achievements. Parents, I thank you whole heartily for being steadfast in your support and for your time and commitment. It has been invaluable.

I wish you a very happy and safe half term.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep

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