‘There is little success where there is little laughter’

Andrew Carnegie

I love to hear our Lambrook children laugh and I am so looking forward to hearing their happy voices in the Pre Prep once again on Monday. Laughter is infectious, it makes you feel happy and excited, and happy children learn. Such is its importance, that this half term’s character value is humour! Humour keeps children engaged and interested, it fosters a sense of curiosity and can help maintain a sense of perspective when they face difficulties.

With this in mind, we endeavor to make our curriculum engaging and exciting. Despite teaching remotely, this week the teachers have continued to deliver some fun-filled lessons and the children have shared many an amusing moment. In the Nursery, Bobby Badger borrowed Miss Nickie’s glasses and the children have wrapped up their naughty dinosaurs and posted them to the Queen, the moon and Canada! The Reception teachers have become masters at making videos and have entertained the children with funny films of disappearing eggs, flying dragons and the very rare but beautiful dinosaur, Jennyhardysaurus! A World Book Day rap and scavenger hunt made Year 1 giggle, whilst Year 2 has enjoyed boogying to music, sharing funny animal videos and jokes with one another. I really do hope the children have relished these moments and they have helped to make their learning experience at home, memorable and happy.

I am in no doubt that the fun will continue once the children return to school. The next few weeks are action packed and there is much to look forward to.

I wish you a restful and happy weekend.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep 

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