Yesterday marked a truly wonderful day in the Pre Prep; our second Happiness Festival. From start to end, the day served as a wonderful reminder of all the warmth, smiles and enthusiasm ever present at Lambrook. The children embraced ‘What makes others happy’ with great excitement, entering the Pre Prep through glittery curtains in an assortment of extravagant costumes, all designed to create laughter and smiles. Throughout the day, it was lovely to see the children enthusiastically involved in making compliment boxes, sharing funny photos and stories, working in groups to problem solve as well as learning dance move to 70’s classics. Particularly prominent in the day’s proceedings was the lovely sense of friendship between the children and the kindness on display. I have to agree with a smiling Year 1 who left the Pre Prep foyer on Thursday afternoon with a resolute “Well, that was fun!”.

As we approach the end of term, the Learning Journeys have finished in a fabulous fashion. Year 1’s African concert was vibrant and colourful and a joyful arrangement of traditional African songs, poetry and dancing. Much to the delight of the Reception children, the Easter bunny kindly made an early, impromptu visit to the Pre Prep and using a series of clues, the children had great fun finding eggs in a variety of unusual locations around the grounds. On Wednesday, Year 2 enjoyed a Lambrook Safari experience. Mel, a highly experienced Ranger from South Africa taught the children how to track the ‘Big Five’. Camouflaged in hats and armed with binoculars they used their newly acquired tracking skills to discover the whereabouts of elephants, rhino, crocodiles and giraffe! The whole experience was such a success and for some, it was career defining! The Nursery chicks continue to thrive under the care of the children and have brought much joy.

The Pre Prep has been buzzing with laughter and energy these last few weeks. The children’s enthusiasm is contagious and it really has been a brilliant end to the term. I wish you a happy and peaceful Easter and very much look forward to seeing the children, refreshed and ready to embrace a happy Summer term.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep

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