This half term I am encouraging the children to have courage. Having courage helps children to persevere against challenges and in the process, it raises their self-esteem. It can help children believe in themselves and combat fear. It might only happen for a second at a time, but sometimes that is long enough to be brave enough.

In assembly last week, I spoke to the children about having the courage to be different, to try new things and to bounce back when things don’t quite go to plan. In today’s assembly, Mr Marland read ‘The Lion Inside – You don’t need to be big and brave to find your roar!’  I have asked the children to set themselves a goal that requires courage. This might be riding a bike, trying a new food or raising their hand to answer a question even when they might be unsure of the answer. This weekend, they might want to challenge themselves by taking part in the ‘Captain Tom 100’ initiative. Do support your child with their bold decisions and remind them that courage can be expressed in very many ways.

A literacy visit to the library in Pre Prep

There have been a wonderful variety of lessons throughout Pre Prep this week. Following an interesting talk by Paul, the Lambrook gardener, our green fingered Nursery children have planted flowers in a bed outside Westfield, vegetables in the allotment, and beans in growbags. Their love of nature is evident as they are keen to care and nurture their plants – I think a little patience may be needed!

Year 1’s key text ‘The Wild Child’ has been the stimulus for cross curricular learning. In Literacy, they have developed their questioning and comprehension skills. In Science they designed filters to clean dirty water and in History, compared and contrasted old and new toys. Reception has had great fun pond dipping, back in the classroom they also divided (and ate) edible wiggly worms (a sweet treat!) and designed sparkly flip flops and patterned wellies.

Using directional language and coding skills, Year 2 have been successful programming beebots and mapping routes. They have particularly loved learning about the ‘Major Oak of Sherwood Forest’ and how Robin and his Merry Men used the tree for shelter; camping beneath its branches and hiding inside its massive trunk. It certainly has been a busy week!

Wishing you a most enjoyable bank holiday weekend.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep 

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