It has been such a fabulous week in Pre Prep. The sun has shone and the children’s smiles have been just as radiant. Determined to make that most of every moment of their time at school, the children have been relished their time outside – with their friends, within their classrooms and partaking in co-curricular activities.

Martina Schwarz, a musician, songwriter and performer shared her unique approach to teaching French with Year 2. Using an array of props, the children took part in an interactive concert, singing catchy songs that reinforced a wide range of vocabulary from days of the week to different types of food. Martina accompanied the children on her accordion; entertaining and engaging them throughout. Le français des enfants est très bon!

The Nursery children have begun an exciting programme of transition activities, joining Reception at playtime, visiting their classrooms to play and explore and reading ‘The dinosaur starts school’ in their Wellbeing lesson. They have delighted in the company of the older children and loved the opportunity to explore a new environment and meet new teachers.

A basket, red cloak and wandering wolf have been the focus of attention in Year 1. The children believe Red Riding Hood has taken up residency in the woods and the wolf is on the prowl! They have written reassuring cards to Grandma and made her jam puffs. I wonder what will happen next!

Reception discovered caterpillars at the bottom of Jacks beanstalk on Monday. Over the next few weeks they will watch them grow and change. Jack and the Giant have also been the focus of a story writing and creative activity. Their story endings are quite unique and their giants full of character.

I have thoroughly enjoyed discussing our Character Value, Independence, with the children his week. I have shared two stories. One, a beautiful story about a hare’s journey to independence, the other, a fable highlighting the importance of making decisions and having the confidence to stand by your convictions. In preparation for next year, the children are keen to rise to the challenges presented by their teachers. Some are learning to tell the time, other tying their shoes laces or reading independently.

Tuesday’s barbecue on the croquet lawn and 1S’s assembly were particular highlights of the week. The children tucked into a delicious array of barbecued meats and salads, chips and coleslaw whilst chatting happily with their friends and teachers. 1S’s told us just how much they love their Daddies through words and song in a beautifully sentimental assembly. Daddies beware, you may need a tissue!

Wishing you a most enjoyable sunny weekend.

Louise Farrar, Head of Pre Prep


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