Half term is upon us and school will fall silent for a week, while the children are given the opportunity to relax and enjoy some quality time with their nearest and dearest. For parents, it probably feels like you have only just dusted off the summer uniform and sent them in for their last term of this year, but for the children (and teachers!) it feels like the perfect time to press the pause button on learning and take a quick breather before the busy last half of term takes over.

You would be so proud of your children if you could see all they have achieved in this period. They have worked so hard, absorbing all the information that has been passed their way and discussed, debated, challenged and questioned their way to a deeper understanding of all the concepts they have covered. In this short time they have added new bricks to their wall of learning, and it has been an absolute delight and pleasure to watch them and guide them through it.

I read something interesting this week, which has made me reflect a little and I wanted to share it with you. A teacher in America asked her second grade class (Year 3 here in the UK), to write about an invention that they do not like and should not have been invented. One of her students wrote “If I had to tell you what invention I don’t like, I would say I don’t like the phone. I don’t like the phone because my parents are on it every day. A phone is sometimes a really bad habit. I hate my Mom’s phone and I wish she never had one.” There is so much written about how children use technology too much and are disengaged with the world around them, but we often fail to recognise that we are probably reading this exact information on a screen or tablet of some kind! We think because we are responding to emails or reading a piece of academic research on our own devices in front of our children, that it somehow doesn’t count. Sadly, it is just another distraction and barrier from interacting with our children and taking the time to listen and respond fully to their questions (and not just say “hmmmm….lovely dear” without really listening to what they are saying to us!) So, I hope that in the next week, you are able to set some rules and boundaries around, not just your children’s use of technology, but also your own! You may even feel a little more relaxed and refreshed yourselves as a result!

Have a wonderful half term break!

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