At last, we can finally start to sing Christmas carols without any guilt attached, and decorate the halls with gay abandon! December is finally here and, to a Pre Prep full of excited children and teachers, this is music to our ears! 

On Wednesday, I was away on a course and I left the Pre Prep looking lovely, but with the usual dangly things hanging about the corridors. When I came back on Thursday morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Every classroom door in the building had been decorated in Christmas themed glory! There were sparkly, dangly, twisty and hilarious examples of Christmas cheer. The corridors had been transformed into a delightful grotto and I know that even for me, as an adult, the twinge of excitement was tangible. What it must have felt like to be a child entering the building is the stuff of magic! Well done Pre Prep ladies on being brilliant elves!

We are also very lucky this year to have been chosen to host one of Santa’s very own elves in our Pre Prep foyer. He did come with a warning, however, that he is one of the cheekiest ones he has, so I sincerely hope that we will be able to tame him into behaving for the time we have with him! The children will need to look out for him in the foyer, as I believe he is a wriggler and may move around a bit! I have told the children that if they touch him, some of his magic disappears, so please can you help your child to remember to look with their eyes and not with their hands. We really don’t want to lose any of the magic!

As we enter the last few weeks of this term, I hope you will join us in extracting much magic out of all the festivities and I look forward to seeing many of you at the Christmas events coming up.

Have a lovely weekend.
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