Christmas Bazaar fever has hit the Pre Prep early and the temptation of having enticing little pots of sugary treats languishing around the Pre Prep foyer has nearly tipped some children over the edge! This morning there were around five or six little people crowding around the sweet pots, trying to decide which one they would choose if they were to win one! I have no doubt that most children in the Pre Prep would be able to tell you their choice of pot! These will be the prizes given out in one of the raffles at the Christmas Bazaar. There will be many fun stalls and treats, so I hope to see many families at the Bazaar – the first time it has been held on a Saturday, and a top tip would be to get in early, as the Prep School children will descend on the DJC from 1pm when their Saturday School ends, so early shopping is advised!

This week we were treated to a wonderful class assembly by 2CH as they retold the story of Guy Fawkes and his devious plans to change the course of History. Fortunately his plans were foiled and History was changed in a very different way to that which he expected. 2CH were simply fantastic and were a real credit to their teachers. Well done all of you!

As you may be aware, this last week we have been focussing on using our good behaviour on the playground and making sure we are kind to others, in order to achieve the class target. The children have been working really hard on this and have been reminded on numerous occasions that we need to consider everyone when we play. In an appeal to those of you who stay at school after we have handed the children over to you or your nannies, we would really appreciate you keeping a very close eye on the play that happens after school. I have witnessed a few rough and tumbles that have resulted in a few tears and would appeal to you to please watch your children as they play with their friends, to make sure that all parties are happy with the level of play. If we spot anything, please do not be surprised by seeing me or any of the teachers popping out to sort it out. We are very keen that all play is happy play! I am sure you will support us in this.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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