This week I had the pleasure of spending some time in the Nursery where the children were having a lovely afternoon. Strangely, there was evidence of tea leaves scattered about the Nursery, so I enquired as to why. Apparently some pirates had been into the Nursery that morning and had stolen their tea! What a calamity! As someone who is an avid tea drinker, I felt their pain! They then showed me treasure maps that they had drawn to try to locate the bounty and bring it back to its rightful owners. (I promise it wasn’t me this time!) The children were gripped by the adventure of it all and were drawing pictures of the pirates and extending their learning in a multitude of different ways! What a treat to have been a fly on the wall for a short space of time!

At playtime, the children have been enjoying getting outside to play with the piles of leaves that have been swirling around them in the Autumn winds and I have been brought many little gifts of Horse Chestnut casings, conkers and multi-coloured leaves at the end of each playtime. Such delightful little treasures! It is hard not to be charmed by their earnest delivery and the pride in finding the shiniest conker or the spikiest casing is tangible. What a lovely interlude to meetings and emails!

I also have the pleasure of being shown the most beautiful pieces of work from across the Pre Prep in writing, maths and topic work. The children confidently march into my office, bursting with pride to show me the work they have completed in their classes with such skill. It is always amazing when I flick back through the pages of their books to see the progress they have made and I am astounded by their achievements. I always think we work in the best part of the school (sorry, I’m biased!), where the evidence of progress is so starkly on show and, as a teacher, it is one of the most rewarding things to see a child you teach flourish. We are very blessed to do the work we do and your little people fill our days with many moments of delight and pride! Let’s hope they will do the same for you this weekend!

Have a lovely weekend.

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