What a busy week it has been. (I should just keep that as my opening sentence each week!) So much has happened and the children have had a wonderful time exploring new topics and meeting new people.

Last week, the children in Reception became detectives, trying to solve the mystery of The Missing Briefcase. Not just any brief case, I hasten to add, but Mr Perry’s brand new briefcase. The children spent all week following clues, designing missing briefcase posters and interviewing suspects. They were very clever super sleuths! I was the last to be interviewed and it has taken me all week to get over the shame of discovering that I had MISTAKENLY picked up Mr Perry’s briefcase after a meeting with him, and kept it in my office all week. The children helped to remind me that I should own up to my mistake and write Mr Perry a card to tell him how sorry I was. The good news is that he has forgiven me, so order has been restored! Phew! I am told that we have a parent lawyer visiting the children soon, so I may steer clear of that talk, just in case…

All of this is happening under the topic of People Who Help Us in Reception classes and we were treated to two further visits this week from the Fire Brigade and a parent dentist. Both events were fantastic and if you’d like to read more, please see the reports written in this Cedar.

We have also been incredibly charitable this week and thoroughly enjoyed dressing in a splash of yellow or spots for the day on Tuesday. We were overwhelmed with your generous donations and to celebrate, the real Pudsey Bear came to see us and spend some time with us at playtime. What a treat! 

We then had a thought provoking assembly lead by Kim from the NSPCC on Wednesday, who talked to the children about “Speaking Out and Staying Safe” as part of our anti-bullying week. The children have all been given sponsorship forms to complete at home, and in the Pre Prep we are focusing on Maths. Please complete these at home and try to get as many sponsors as you can!

Finally, in a poignant ending to the week, we held a 2 minute silence for Armistice Day today and all the children gathered together to spend 2 minutes thinking about those men and women who have bravely fought to keep our country safe. It was a wonderfully reflective time and the children in the Pre Prep were a credit to you all.

Have a lovely weekend and I hope to see many of you at the Firework Party tomorrow night.
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