Science week has been rather hazardous in the Pre Prep this week, with rockets flying up in the air, slime oozing out everywhere, exploding bags and hanging baskets being pushed and pulled overhead with levers and pulleys. I have had to take heed of all the “Danger Tape” warning of scientists at work and make sure that I enter classrooms cautiously! What a great week it has been, and one boy happily declared that he wished it could be Science Week every week! I’m not sure my nerves could cope!

In one Reception class, they decided that they needed to look more like scientists too, so white lab coats had to be sourced and each child made an identity badge, complete with fingerprints, to prove that they were, in fact, true scientists. In another, the children investigated what would happen when skittles were submerged in water. They were delighted with the rainbow of colours that spread throughout the water; an early lesson on cause and effect. What a fantastic way to bring science to life for the children and get them keen and enthusiastic for this subject. 

In Year Two, the children have been learning about the Great Fire of London in History and, as part of their investigations, they built mock wattle and daub houses. On Thursday morning, they all carried their masterpieces out of the building, across the fields to the far reaches of the school grounds. After carefully placing their houses closely together, just as they would have been at the time (1666), they then set fire to the first house and watched as the fire spread rapidly across the houses. Never have 50 children been so excited to see their artwork go up in flames! This hands-on, interactive learning is so pertinent to children of this age, who will no doubt remember this day for the rest of their lives!

And so we bring the first half of this first term to a close. The children are tired, but very happy and ready for a quick recharging of their batteries before the excitement of the Christmas celebrations begins!

May I wish you all a happy and restful holiday.

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