At Lambrook we are passionate about protecting the environment for the future and it was fantastic to be involved in the global initiative, World Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, this movement is thought to be the start of our planet’s modern environmental movement.

Led by our Eco Team, our Prep School pupils were reminded of the importance of Earth Day and how Global Summits on areas like climate change work in practice. Our Eco Team pupils made some short videos to explain more:

Pupils took part in a Dragon’s Den activity where they had to invent a ‘green invention’ to help reduce their carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency. Some of the fantastic ideas included a bi-fan to generate clean air, an eco-friendly planter to plant seeds and collect garbage to put in the bin to name a few. Budding entrepreneurs then had to pitch their business ideas to three venture capitalists in the hope of securing investment finance from them.

Click on the images to watch the videos. 

Pupils also thought of ways that they could reduce their carbon footprints at home. These involved making a compost heap in their gardens, taking a shower instead of a bath, turning-off computers at the mains when not in use, recycling plastic bottles, using a reusable carrier bag at the supermarket, taking more walks and changing to using an electric/hybrid car.

We very much hope that fostering an appreciation for the natural outdoors in the early years will promote a healthy and outward looking attitude towards the world in which they live. In the Pre Prep the children got involved as they spent time in our grounds: having a wellie walk, planting seeds and saying hello to the new Lambrook chickens.

And thinking about the environment is not just a focus for Earth Day; as a school we are passionate about sustainability. Over recent months we have planted close to 300 trees in our grounds and have been growing vegetables for our lunches, ensuring that we are protecting the environment for our birds, as well as looking after the bees in our orchard and animals on our farm. Hopefully all of these small actions will add up and help towards restoring and looking after our Earth.

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