The Monday afternoon activity slot continues to be a highlight for our Middle and Upper School pupils. During our Remote Learning Programme and now back together at school, our new Podcasting activity has continued to grow from strength to strength.

Run by Miss Elliot, pupils have really enjoyed being able to showcase their expertise on topics that interest them and that they feel passionate about.

“It was really fun to be able to speak about your hobbies and to learn a new app at the same time.” Ben, Year 7

For our Year 7 pupils, it was very much an introduction to the world of podcasting. They were tasked with researching a topic of their choice, devising questions and then answering them in their own way. They learnt a new software package, which allowed the recording and editing of tracks and they then designed a musical backing track for their individual podcasts and then balanced this with their spoken tracks.

Podcasting has become increasingly popular in recent times, and with podcasts often being short and able to be listened to on demand, they are fantastic for creating further interest around a particular subject matter, as well as building a podcast community. For the broadcaster, it is a great platform to develop ideas over a period of time and to reach out to like-minded people who share an interest in a subject. Miss Elliot explains, “Distancing from the printed page creates opportunities for those for whom writing can be a barrier to expressing themselves. An escape from the written word allows the broadcaster to bring the topic to life in other ways – through interviews, sound effects, music and other devices.”

The Year 7 pupils already have ideas for their next podcast and we are hoping to develop this further as a School, “Next time I would like to do a podcast on sport.” Algy, Year 7. It looks like we will have the reporting of sports day covered this year!

This week we are delighted to share two podcasts, one on Gaming and one on Computers – click on the images below to listen:

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