We are so very proud of the academic successes of all of our pupils.

As well as thriving outside of the classroom, this year our scholarship pupils have been awarded academic, music and sport scholarships for excellence in these fields, with pupils heading on to, many of the top senior schools in the country.

Art and Design

Amabel has been awarded an Art Scholarship and Emma a Design and Technology Scholarship at Downe House.


Zongao has been awarded a King’s Scholarship to Eton and Ben has been awarded the Stevens Academic Scholarship to Bradfield College.

Rafe has been awarded an Academic Scholarship to Lord’s Wandsworth College (LWC).


Emily and Beatrix have both been awarded Sports Scholarships and a Founding Girls’ Award to Charterhouse.

Isabella has also been given a Founding Girls’ Award scholarship to Charterhouse.

Jessica is headed to Bradfield College where she has been awarded a Sport’s Scholarship.

Jemima also has a Sports Scholarship and is headed to Marlborough College.

Amelie has been awarded a Sports Scholarship to Rugby School


And Emily also has a Sports Scholarship to Shrewsbury


Jemima, Oliver and Cameron have all been awarded Drama Scholarships at Charterhouse, Charterhouse and Stowe respectively.


Wellington College has awarded Alexander a Music Scholarship.

Lily has been given a Music Scholarship to Heathfield.

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