Constructing towers from newspaper and words into poetry, using building blocks to measure and designing miniature model restaurants; Lambrook pupils have been busy ‘building’ their knowledge in every way possible this week.

Two Year 8’s were inspired by their poetry assignments for half term when they were asked to research a person who led an interesting life. The pupils wrote about musician Sam Cooke and the Mars Rover Landing respectively. You can hear them read their thoughtful poems by clicking on their images below.
























Our Year 4’s scaled dizzying heights this week when they tackled their Art / DT challenge to build a tower from newspapers. The complex structures impressed, some with with their myriad of supports and some mimicking the Shard and Eiffel Tower!

Our Year 5’s have also been busy designing and constructing. This time the DT brief was to design a new restaurant for a shopping centre and they had a choice of different restaurant genres. They had to create their logo and theme and then the layout of the restaurant. You can see some of their brilliant ideas and model restaurants below.


Our Performing Arts Teachers has an incredibly tough time deciding the winners of this week’s House Challenge. The entries have been fantastic and have included sibling duets, a piper, an original periodic song, a keyboard medley, and poetry performance to name but a few of the original ways they have been entertained.

Some children were also inspired to build their own musical instrument including a carrot recorder, guitar biscuit box and drums made out of kitchen bowls!

Year 7 is currently reading Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in their English class. They used a website to translate Romeo’s first scene with Benvolio (Act I, scene 1) into text speech to enhance their understanding and imagine what this conversation might look like today. Click on the images below to see the text messages in full.

In Pre Prep this week, Reception had a roaring time when they dressed up as dinosaurs and scientists as part of their Awe and Wonder day and were surprised to discover something other than chickens had laid some rather large eggs on our farm!

Reception also got creative in their RS lessons when they built their own Noah’s Ark, resourcefully using things around their home including paints, cuddly toys and a watermelon!

Some more remote learning highlights from Pre Prep have included Year 1 going on a virtual safari around Longleat where the children were given worksheets to spot all the animals, and Year 2 enjoyed using blocks to measure objects around the home.

Year 3 has been creating frozen images and film stills in their drama lessons.

And in a photography activity this week the pupils chose another type of ‘still ‘their best shot of the term so far.


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