In the Prep school this term, Art and D&T, across all classes, have worked towards a combined Summer Exhibition.

‘In Art, we took Claude Monet’s Pond as inspiration to create an immersive experience featuring his extraordinarily beautiful palette of pinks, whites, greens, yellows, purples, blues, reds, turquoise and orange. We embraced many natural elements in our theme, in both the fine arts and ceramics mediums: koi fish, frogs, fruits, flowers, dragonflies and snails; as well as man-made ones – Y4 Nonsense Poetry Pea-green boats with their Owls and Pussycats, Y7 textiles-based fabric beads and Y8 dream-catcher and creature lanterns.’ Jen French, Head of Art

You can view some of the beautiful art and design pieces from the Art and DT Summer Exhibition by clicking on the artwork below:

On Monday and Tuesday pupils had the chance to see the excellent work that had been produced in Design and Technology over the last year. Although we have been slightly restricted with what we can do this year the pupils have still excelled themselves and adapted to the conditions very well. Work was displayed from Year 3 to Year 8 and ranged from hand-sewn felt money containers to clocks designed and made using the laser cutter. Pupils got to find their own work and see what the other years have been completing. It is always lovely to hear ‘that looks amazing, will we get to make night lights when we’re in Year 7?’. One of the highlights for the children was being able to try out the giant marble run. This was started back in the Lent term 2020 by a couple of Year 8 Scholars, unfortunately, progress was halted due to lockdown, but it was great to see it finally finished by Emma J and Molly R during their Leavers’ Programme. Victoria Briggs, Head of Design and Technology

The Art and DT Exhibition is also available to view as a video by clicking on the photo below.



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