We are delighted to be included in Talk Education’s recently-launched top 250 Prep and Senior Schools online publication.

Talk Education is an online resource giving advice to parents on private schools across the world.  Having worked in school reviewing for over 10 years, they have just launched their new UK Guide to the Top 250 Prep and Senior Schools. Taking into account a wide range of criteria: everything from the quantifiable (results, facilities, destinations) to the unquantifiables like word of mouth and reputation, Talk Education used their large team of researchers who have been visiting schools for more than 10 years as well as relying on a wide network of informers including current and past pupils, staff, head teachers and wider communities, to compile their greatly anticipated list.

Here are a few highlights from their review:

“There’s a lot to love about Lambrook, one of the country’s oldest proper country preps. Full to the brim with a tight-knit gang of 600 girls and boys, it’s fervently co-ed, offers brilliantly flexi boarding, super-duper sport, music, drama and art and packs children off to the top senior schools in the south-east. They say they give children the ‘feathers to fly’; we say they help them soar.”

“It’s pretty bucolic: we spotted children cartwheeling on the croquet lawn, racing around with cricket bats and swinging from old tyres hanging from the trees, sporting proper rosy cheeks and a healthy outdoorsy glow.”

“It’s the staff that make Lambrook: a wonderful mix of young, vibrant talent and traditional schoolmasters. Academics are relaxed but thorough; one mother told us her daughter ‘hardly knew she was sitting her exams’ – despite a 100 per cent pass rate at CE.”

“The utterly charming Jonathan Perry and his wife Jenny are quite the double act – and rank as one of the most hospitable, interested and interesting couples we’ve come across on our school visits (and there have been many!). With their warmth and real family values rippling through the school, they’re fantastic role models for the children.
Mr Perry knows each child backwards (lots of schools pay lip service to this, but we saw it in action) and chats to parents every morning at drop-off – a great way to nip any niggles in the bud before they become issues. He’s terrifically strategic and ambitious too (he spearheaded a rolling multi million refurbishment practically the day he arrived). But best of all, he’s completely brilliant with pupils. ‘If I need anything, I just talk to Mr Perry,’ one new arrival reassured his mother – and we think that says it all.”

“Artwork was quite literally spilling out of the busy studio during our visit, and drama has soared since the opening of the Diamond Jubilee Performing Arts Centre a few years ago. Pretty much everyone learns an instrument, and the chapel choir has gained legendary status on the prep-school circuit.”

“There’s a real sporty streak here, adding to Lambrook’s appeal to fresh-air-deprived townies. Facilities are top-notch, with a cedar-clad swimming pool, pitches galore and a nine-hole golf course (parents often pop by to sneak in a round), and the vibe is fully inclusive – they’ll often field a D team at matches so everyone gets a go.”

“A super-happy and hardworking school, Lambrook ticks pretty much every box. We asked parents if they could think of any weaknesses. ‘Yes,’ they answered. ‘It doesn’t have a senior school!’”

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