This week saw the return to the wonderful ‘buzzy-ness’ around Lambrook as the children confidently adopted new routes to lessons, enjoyed lunch in the dining room, played in the Lambrook grounds and kindly checked in with new friends to make sure they knew what the next lesson was, and where!

There was an abundance of activity as the children headed off to swimming lessons, had Chapel, enjoyed a sandwich break, started designing their Design and Technology projects, picked up their new devices, dropped off boarding bags and shared new skills on the football and hockey pitches, and this was all in just one day!

In the Lower School, Mrs French congratulated a new ‘artist of the week’ for her lovely mixed media work below and in maths, Mr Grant’s group has been exploring place value this week. They made and compared numbers, looked at partitioning and also played a fun game of place value bingo.

Year 3 enjoyed creating a song with some super actions in a science lesson to help them retain new information, and enjoyed making new friends and their orange slices at morning break on the astro pitches.

In the Middle School new pupils from Years 5 and 6 got to know their assigned ‘buddies’ better as they relaxed and chatted one break time over some delicious hot chocolate and cookies.

And on Wednesday afternoon the excitement of Prep pupils being able to enjoy their usual sports afternoon again was palpable. The lack of fixtures against other schools didn’t detract from a healthy competitiveness within year groups as cheers, laughter and whistles could once again be heard across the grounds with all the football, netball and hockey pitches in full use.

The Children in Pre Prep enjoyed exploring our beautiful grounds in Forest Friday last Friday and their new classrooms this week. After working hard concentrating on learning their routines for the day there was plenty of time for some imaginary play, using some of the fun toys that will be available at golden time each week.

The Reception children made some beautiful self-portraits in their art lessons using different mediums and contrasting background colours.

Mr Perry enjoyed a lovely visit to Pre Prep with the children proudly showing him their work, the outdoor play equipment and taking him for tours of their classrooms.


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