As a fun optional extra added into the ‘mix’ as part of our Remote Learning Programme, and, with some clever use of Microsoft ‘Teams’ that Lambrook is using as part of our online learning, our Head of History thought that it would be fun to organise an Upper School Baking Challenge!

Although this was only the first trial week, it has already ‘proved’ incredibly popular with some delicious looking baking photos being posted online within a few hours of the call to task. Even Mrs.Thomas joined in the fun posting a photo of her chocolate dipped oat cookies to encourage the bakers along.

Miss Maidment’s ‘ingredients’ for participation included to always ask parental permission and to wash hands thoroughly before baking. Some students have even been able to ‘sprinkle’ some kindness in their community by leaving their baked goods on the doorsteps of elderly neighbours or key workers as a surprise treat when they next open their door. This week was cookie week, and, as you can see from the photos below, Lambrook’s pupils’ enthusiasm, talent and willingness to ‘rise’ to any challenge will hold them in good stead for the future.

We can’t wait to see what the baking themes will be next and hope that other year groups will soon be able to join in the challenge. We hope that the confident baking skills of our Upper School is adding a little ‘sweetness’ both to our Lambrook families at home and to their local communities.

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