The Pre Prep from Nursery up to Year 2 was lucky enough to watch the show, ‘Not such an ugly duckling’ performed by Aesop’s Touring Theatre Company yesterday morning.

This was part of their Wellbeing curriculum. The show was full of puppetry, music and laughter with an interactive adaptation of a traditional tale and the animals really came to life. The children joined in with the actors on many occasions, leaping like frogs, singing like ducklings and creating the sounds of bees, birds and trees! They watched as the ugly duckling started making friends and learnt the importance of friendship and treating each other equally. The actors delivered a very important message that we must be kind to each other in such a creative and delightful and effective way.

RG presented a delightful Valentine’s assembly this morning, telling us the story of Saint Valentine and continuing the focus on caring about each other and being kind. They gave us lots of ideas as to how we could tell our loved ones just how much we love them. They sang two beautiful songs, ‘Love is in the Air’ and ‘All you Need is Love’ and I’m sure they made a few parents cry as well!  Their beautiful singing and confident communication filled everyone with smiles and created a very happy start to the day. Mrs Grant, Mrs Vincent and Mrs Perry were very proud of them, they did a fantastic job.

1S made igloos

As a marvellous middle to our frozen theme, Year 2 was thrilled to have a visit from Mrs Archer who talked about her experience of running a marathon in the North Pole in 2008. What an incredible achievement!

1C has been learning to sew using similar stitches and patterns as the Inuit.



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