At our Pre Prep assembly this morning members of the Prep school’s Eco Team gave a thought-provoking and inspirational talk.

They explained the ways in which our planet is being affected by global warming, acid rain, air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, waste disposal and climate change. The children were also introduced to Greta Thunberg and her work involving climate change. When the pupils were asked how they could help to be more environmentally friendly, they offered some interesting responses. The assembly ended with a short message from Kid President to say that we all need to work together to look after our planet.

2D & 2P arrived on Monday morning to find an Arctic home in the classroom and this led to discovering and learning all about the Inuit people. They used their ‘task time’ to make igloos from plaster of paris, dressed a paper doll in traditional Inuit dress and enjoyed the role play corner reading stories about Arctic life in a tent. 2D also learned how to tessellate 2D shapes!

RDG has been outdoors using number lines to help them count.

…and Reception has been making snowmen out of clay before painting them.


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