Aztec rubber

On Monday Year 3 had a wonderful start to their History topic for this term, a taste of life in Aztec times through an interactive workshop by the colourful artefact based teaching team that is the wonderful Mexicolore. Through film, drama, music and a wealth of Aztec objects and instruments, the children learnt some fascinating facts about the Aztecs or ‘Mexica’ as they called themselves in their Nahuatl language.

Wearing the colourful Aztec headdresses they had made in art lessons the week before, the children loved hearing about the incredible empire that the Mexica people built and their innovative ideas and practices. The pupils learnt the Mexica had their own anaesthetics, were skilled at dentistry, harvested superfoods like spirulina, and learned about the importance placed on public toilets and keeping grain stores as reserves long before some of their health practices were adopted in the 20th Century.

There was a lot that our pupils could also relate to today such as the Aztec strong belief that everything had to be held in balance in their environment; they took nothing for granted and did not waste anything even down to using a tortoise shell and antler horns as a musical instrument.

Through learning chants and using Aztec style drums and instruments the children enthusiastically threw themselves into experiencing the culture of the Mexica as you can see from the short video below.

Click on the photo below to see the traditional Aztec chants to the earth and sun

Pupils couldn’t wait to answer and ask questions and relished the opportunity to examine the myriad of artefacts display that had been used to illustrate the culture and ways of life of the Aztecs at the end of the workshop.

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