This half term the English Department teamed up with the Wellbeing Department for a competition targeted at cheering people with poetry.

With the deadline for entries being the Friday of Children’s Mental Health Week, and with our country currently in lockdown, the competition was rather timely. An impressive 130 entries were submitted and Mr Whitmell (Head of English) and Miss Sayer (Head of Wellbeing) spent many hours this week chuckling their way through the wittty words of the Lambrook pupils.

Some of the poems were nonsense, some rhymed, some didn’t, some were serious and some were just silly, but all of them were a refreshing lift. The judges were certainly entertained by the creativity and diverse range of subject matter!

Competitions like this not only improve children’s skills in writing outside of the classroom, but having to add a ‘cheering’ element, certainly stretched our pupils even further.

Every pupil who entered has been given 2 positives and prizes will make their way to the winning writers. A few of the winning entries can be seen below and we look forward to sharing more of this cheering children’s work with the Lambrook community in due course.


Year 6 Winning Entry – The laptop ate my dog!

The dog was just sitting there on the table.

OK maybe we have not trained him well.

But this is not a fable!

The laptop was just sitting there on the sofa!

As still as a rock

Then it somehow walked up to the table.

And then gave my family a big shock!

We had to take the laptop to the vet!

And we had to wait for the surgery.

They gave us biscuits and cakes

Since it was my parent’s anniversary.

They said that the heartbeat has not been affected.

Even though it has no heartbeat….

I am starting to have second thoughts on this

But I just sat on my seat.

The vet than said that they groomed the fur for free,

But the laptop has no fur!

Are these people crazy?

Maybe they see with a blur?

Oh wait this does not make sense…

Maybe it was the other way round

Ooooooh… The dog ate the laptop!

What a silly old hound!


Year 8 Winning entry – The Weight on your Shoulders

The Weight on your shoulders

Can so easily replace

Love and friendship

Having a more clustered mind

Will only lead you to

Embracing Negativity

Simply Breathing

Will be made easier by

Finding your inner gratitude

*Now Read Each Line Backwards*



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