Our Lambrook pupils continue to develop a range of IT skills and techniques as part of Lambrook’s Digital Learning Programme. The new laptops are by no means a replacement for the traditional pen, paper, textbooks and teacher-led lessons – these still very much have a place at Lambrook; rather, they are an additional learning tool to add to the school satchel! 

Pupils have been using their laptops to enhance their learning and collaborate on projects together in different ways across the curriculum. Here are some of the highlights from the past few weeks:

Year 3 pupils have been using an app in maths classes to learn about equivalent fractions.

In French, pupils have been using an app to watch authentic video material in French related to the topic they’re studying and practise their listening, comprehension, vocabulary and spelling skills at their own pace. They have also been using the Flippity randomiser to generate sentences to translate, and using LearningApps to access tailored translation exercises which provide them with immediate feedback. This is all done via their OneNote Class Notebooks.

In Drama, pupils have been using an app to record adverts and solo performances that the children were then able to peer review. This has allowed our Year 8 Drama Scholars to record their portfolios at home without risking bring them into school and potentially getting lost or damaged. Finally, we were also able to use the app across the department; it allowed us to record auditions and watch performances remotely. In our current COVID environment it has allowed mass auditioning to take place without multiple individuals being in the same room.

Years 7 and 8 are using an app called Soundtrap, a digital audio workstation, to record compositions in their Music lessons.

In Science, Year 5 completed an investigation using temperature probes and SparkVue software. The children were comparing Starbucks and Costa disposable coffee cups and were trying to find out which was the best thermal insulator. It was a close finish, but the Starbucks coffee cup (pink line) just edged the victory!

Pupils have also been using learning tools to support individual topics learnt in the classrooms as well as creating quizzes and testing them on each other!

John Gracey, Head of Digital Learning 

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