Year 2 Saved the day on Thursday in more ways than one. Their wonderful play, ‘Hoodwinked’, not only superbly entertained with the story of the benevolent Robin Hood and his kindness saving the people of Nottingham, but they also managed to come together and continue with the show despite being a few cast members down.

Year 2 produced not only a wonderful play but also a fantastic display of teamwork with Year 2 pupils, teachers and parents coming together to make the production the best it could be. I am so proud of all the children, those who performed so beautifully on the day and those who were not able to join us for the performance for their hard work leading up to this week. Well done Year 2!Year 2 Coordinator

The modern and witty ‘Robin Hood’ swashbuckling adventure was brilliantly embraced by all the cast, there was plenty of humour which the performers obviously had great fun rehearsing, and pupils projected wonderfully throughout so the audience was in no doubt of the plotlines.

Dressed in colourful costumes against some great projected scenery the children danced and sang the fun musical numbers, with confident solos, duets and even two part singing; a real highlight in the show.

The audience of parents clearly loved the production as did the pupil audience at Wednesday’s dress rehearsal, which left the performers beaming as they took their bows.


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