Year 4 has been learning everything there is to know about teeth this term. They have been conducting experiments, using their knowledge to create adverts and even visiting a Dentist’s office.

In their science lessons they have been fascinated by the teeth investigations they’ve conducted at home which has included putting egg shells into various liquids including water, fizzy drinks, milk and fruit juice and then observing the shells over a period of time to see if they’ve changed and then investigate why the changes have happened.

They have also been able to use disclosing tablets to observe plaque on their teeth, look at the effects brushing might have, and even created some TV adverts on how to keep your teeth clean. You can see some of the  adverts below.

On Wednesday they were able to put all of this knowledge to the test when they visited Horton Dental practice virtually and met Mr Dhaliwal, Dentist and Lambrook parent, who kindly gave the Year 4s a tour of his practice, answered their questions and held a mini quiz for the pupils even demonstrating how a chipped tooth is repaired to much amazement.

Dental tour for Year 4

Pupils answered all of his quiz questions brilliantly which covered everything from plaque, cavities, names of different teeth, what saliva does and why we use fluoride. In return Mr Dhaliwal showed the children around his practice; they were able to meet his team, see an X-ray, sterilisers and all the equipment a dentist uses. Importantly the pupils were also able to see what a visit to the dentist might look like during Covid-19 as he showed them all the PPE he and his team currently have to wear. One pupil was even able to tell us exactly what PPE stands for.

The Team at Horton Dental Practice in PPE

Mr Dhaliwal also gave Year 4 some great advice about how many times a year they should visit the Dentist, what constitutes a healthy snack and how long you should leave brushing your teeth after eating fruit. Twenty minutes is the recommended time in case you were wondering.

The Year 4 pupils had some erudite questions at the end of the visit including what a streptococci might look like and why some of Granny’s teeth might be gold! Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and were very grateful to Mr Dhaliwal for taking the time out of his busy day to answer all of their questions and give them such an interesting virtual school trip.

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