Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) – it is vital that we furnish our next generation of leaders with the skills in these areas that will enable them to thrive in the economy of the future and shape the world they will inherit.

On Thursday, our Year 5 girls visited the Microsoft campus in Reading where they learned about careers in technology, found out how Artificial Intelligence is helping to protect the environment and enabling people with disabilities to participate more fully in everyday life, used 3-D software to sketch out ideas for planet-saving inventions, and practised their coding skills by building animated robot faces.

Meanwhile, the boys visited the Big Bang Fair in Sussex, where they had the opportunity to use Virtual Reality, make ice cream, handle snakes, climb trees, learn about some of the technology used at nearby Gatwick airport, and find out about all manner of high-tech projects. They rounded off their visit with a highly entertaining magic show.

A most excellent day was had by all!


John Gracey


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