As part of the Year 8 Leavers’ Programme, some of our students have signed up for the optional Tenner from Home Challenge. This is based on a nationwide challenge run by Young Enterprise which aims to encourage entrepreneurial skills in students. The students have just £10 to invest in a business and have to create an idea, market it, pitch the idea, create a logo and business plan. Once they have done all of this they can move onto the selling of their idea. Because this is lockdown this is harder than normal, so some of the students are using the Cedar to advertise their ideas to parents and pupils.

Miss Maidment

Here are some of the pupils’ business ideas which they have developed, designed and now marketed as a group in the space of a week.

Scrunchie Bunch

Our business is making scrunchies from Lambrook tartan. The price will be £6 for two scrunchies including postage and packaging. 10% of the profits are going to Lambrook’s charity First Days and the target market is Lambrook schoolgirls. The transactions will be made through this link.

“I’m sure that many Lambrook school girls will agree that they have a limited, dull, or even unfashionable range of scrunchies to choose from that go well with their school uniform. This is why myself, Fia Gale and Robert Young decided to change this. We are making scrunchies for Lambrook pupils made from Lambrook tartan. These are extra special because they cannot be bought from shops. They are made from recycled Lambrook skirts and will most certainly go well with your school uniform while also reusing and saving old skirts. As well as this, 10 percent of the profits will go to the LPTC charity First Days. The price for these handmade scrunchies is £6 for two scrunchies including postage and packaging. Please fill out the form to place an order.” Fia, Zachary and Robert of Scrunchie Bunch


Zaf Designs

Creating T-shirts to celebrate the Lambrook Lockdown of 2020. Order through this link. This team need your orders within a week to guarantee delivery before the end of term!

Belle Facial Products – Bring out the beautiful beast in you!

Our business is selling luxury handmade Disney inspired lip scrubs and face masks. Lip scrubs cost £2.50 and face masks cost £2.00. You can also either buy a ‘Belle’ or ‘Prince’ bundle. This will lower the prices. 50p from each sale will go to charities supporting the NHS. we are aiming to sell to girls from Year three to mothers. Postage and shipping can be free by us hand delivery to £3 depending on where the customers live. We are using all natural ingredients.

Our Products:

Enchanted Rose Lip Scrub, Cinnamon Roll Lip Scrub, Aloe Vera Enchanted Rose Face Mask, Golden Silk Face Mask, The Packages are either the Rose products (Belle Package) or the Prince Package (the other two products) which will cost £5 each.

You can now buy Belle Facial Products through this link


The CEO of Boxes

Further details coming soon



At CEO OF BOXES, we believe that there is nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a package of surprises, delivered straight to your door. We wanted to box up this feeling of joy, and hand it right back to our customers.

We want you to share the experience and same feeling of joy our customers have when they open their monthly CEO OF BOXES package. Browse through our wide selection of plans to find out all that we have to offer. You will pay from Monzo.