Supporting Charities 

Over the past year, Lambrook has raised thousands of pounds for many local and national causes. Nationally, and through both pupil and staff-led initiatives, Lambrook has supported charities including, Genes for Jeans, Daisy’s Dream, The Royal British Legion, Children in Need, MacMillan, Red Nose Day and several other charities. We are so proud of the initiative that our children take with usually some form of charity fundraising activity taking place each week in school.

Our main local partner charity for this past year has been local charity, The Brett Foundation. Identified as a local charity that pupils can learn from and contribute to. The Lambrook community has raised money through various initiatives, including a Winter Wonderland Christmas Fair. In addition, our pupils thoughtfully put together over 300 Christmas boxes which were given to children in the local area who would otherwise, not receive any Christmas presents.

There have been many other practical ways in which pupils have been able to support local charities, including making blankets for the homeless (out of crisp packets!) and donating Christmas jumpers and games to local school children. Lambrook pupils are extremely keen to give their time to others; our pupils are regular visitors to a local care home where pupils have formed some special friendships with the local residents there; we are not sure who has the most fun during the afternoons of game playing, paper aeroplane throwing, Lego building and reading to each other! Over the past year, our pupils have been writing and creating art projects to share with the local residents. In normal times, some of our Year 7 pupils have the opportunity each summer, to take part in a canoeing expedition in Sweden. Before departing on their trip, they personally raise enough money, through a variety of sponsored events, to provide the same experience for another group of children who struggle in mainstream education, and who will truly benefit from such an opportunity.

Supporting an International School 

As part of the Foundation, Lambrook partners with Hope Valley School located in South Africa. The emphasis of this work includes:

  • Raising funds for the school and any tangible projects
  • Sharing best practice
  • Using the opportunity to teach the Lambrook community more about a different school, country and continent
  • Inspiring and teaching Lambrook pupils that they make a difference both now, through the school, and in their future lives

Over the past few years, Lambrook not only raised funds for building developments and educational projects, but it also sent groups of Lambrook pupils to Hope Valley to support the work there – to learn from each other, as pupils and staff spent time with their counterparts.

Partnering with Local Schools

The School places a strong emphasis on partnering with local state schools, and learning from those in a different, but not dissimilar, educational setting.

Lambrook has enjoyed partnering with around 60 local state schools, offering partnership days in subject areas including maths, STEAM, geography, sport, languages, science and humanities. Whether by showing our visitors our farm during a science day, working closely in STEAM experience days, or through our older pupils assisting with the marking of maths challenges, our pupils are also fully involved in our partnership days and continue to benefit enormously.

During lockdown, when we were unable to welcome schools to Lambrook, staff ran online lessons for state schools who had limited (or no live) online provision for its pupils.

These partnership events can also be helpful in identifying potential bursary candidates – from state schools, who would soar in an environment like Lambrook.

Partnering with the Local Community

Lambrook has many links with its surrounding community and considers it to be a great privilege to be in a position to share its resources:

  • Sharing facilities – including sports pitches and sports hall for groups such as visually impaired cricket teams and the swimming pool and teachers for local state schools.
  • Sharing training – offering places to staff from local state schools on training courses that the school hosts.
  • Sharing experiences – such as providing sports coaching sessions and hosting competitive fixtures and tournaments at Lambrook.