A priority on attitude towards others is vital. We teach our children the fundamental values of courtesy, kindness and empathy as by giving children an understanding of the responsibility to the world around them, they will be more socially aware and will hopefully grow up to be kind citizens, valuing others, whatever their background.

Partnering with Schools 

As a school, we have found it immensely rewarding to partner with both local schools and the local community, sharing our resources and expertise. We have recently enjoyed partnership days with local schools with a focus on maths, STEAM, geography, science and sport.

Partnering with Charities 

The school, together with an incredible contribution from the Lambrook Parent Teacher Committee has raised thousands of pounds to support both local and international causes that are transforming lives. Last year, £18,000 was donated to a South African school during last year’s cricket tour and over £25,000 was raised for Thames Valley Adventure Playground. An annual trip to Sweden, requires each pupil to raise £500 each to provide the same opportunity for a disadvantaged child; by doing car washes, bake sales and sponsored activities, 12 children via the Teenage Wilderness Trust then enjoy the same adventure. There are many other charities that we raise funds for throughout the year.

As well as raising money, Lambrook pupils give time to others. One of the highlights for some of our children is a weekly visit to a local care home where they spend time playing games, doing jigsaws and chatting to the care home residents.