Lambrook has been a Prep School for over 160 years.

Lambrook’s History 

There has been a private school at Winkfield Row since 1860 when Robert Burnside bought Lambrook House with an eye on tutoring the sons of courtiers of Windsor Castle. In 1878, two of Queen Victoria’s grandsons, Prince Christian Victor and Prince Albert of Schleswig-Holstein, were pupils at Lambrook.

Queen Victoria used to travel from Windsor Castle to Lambrook to watch her grandsons in plays and cricket matches. She is known to have parked her carriage where our New Development Wing is being built, and watch them from there. Their parents, Prince Christian and Princess Helena, also saw them acting in Aladdin, as well as performing in a Toy Symphony, and we are fortunate to have copies of programmes from these performances.

The photograph above shows the founding Headmaster of Lambrook, Robert J. Burnside, seated in the centre with Prince Christian Victor to his immediate right and Prince Albert two places to his left.

Lambrook grew steadily as a preparatory school for boy boarders and developed further in 1992 when day pupils were accepted, with a co-educational Pre Prep being opened shortly afterwards. Lambrook merged in 1997 with Haileybury Junior School from Windsor, which shared a very similar ethos and which had educated both day boys and boarders aged from 7 to 13 years old. Lambrook Haileybury expanded rapidly, soon added a Nursery and in 2009 formally withdrew from the arrangement with Haileybury, becoming Lambrook once more and now standing as an independent Charitable Trust in its own right.

Lambrook’s History Highlights and Timeline 


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From 1860 – 2020, Lambrook through History 

1860   R. J. Burnside founds Lambrook in a private residence built by William Budd in 1853

1866   The Clock Tower Bell is cast at Whitechapel in London

1883   E. D. Mansfield becomes Headmaster

1887   The Schoolroom (our present Dining Room), classrooms, dormitories and indoor swimming bath are built

1892   A pipe organ is installed in the Schoolroom

1898   Orchard House is built

1904   The Reverend F. D. Browne becomes Headmaster

1905   The newly-built Chapel is dedicated

1911   The lake at the front of Lambrook is drained

1913   New Changing Rooms replace the former Carpentry Shop

1920   Revd. F. D. Browne purchases Lambrook’s freehold

1927   A new pipe organ is installed in the Chapel

1930   G. F. Cameron becomes Headmaster

1930   An extension is added to the south side of Lambrook House

1930   The original indoor swimming bath is modified

1934   The new Gymnasium and Fives Court are built

1939   A. H. Forbes becomes Headmaster

1946   Westfield Lodge (House) is purchased

1950   Lambrook becomes a Limited Company

1956   The Reverend P. P. S. Brownless becomes Headmaster

1959   The new Chapel extension and gallery are dedicated

1967   Lambrook becomes a Charitable Trust

1967   A new storey is added to the Annexe for extra teaching rooms

1968   Three staff bungalows are built opposite Westfield

1971   A new Swimming Pool is built

1971   T. V. Clough becomes Headmaster

1972   The original swimming bath is converted into a recreation room

1973   The Assembly Hall and adjoining Classroom Block are built

1973   The Schoolroom becomes the Dining Room

1973   The Dining Room becomes the Library

1978   An All Weather Pitch is created

1980   A new Art Room is opened

1983   The Squash Court is built

1985   The current Lower School Building is opened

1989   M. C. Bickersteth becomes Headmaster

1990   The Gymnasium is converted into a new DT Department

1992   I. M. A. Stewart becomes Interim Headmaster

1992   The Sports Hall is opened

1993   R. Badham-Thornhill becomes Headmaster

1993   The Pre Prep, housed in Westfield, is launched with five day pupils

1994   Lambrook Pre Prep becomes officially co-educational

1997   Lambrook merges with Haileybury Junior School to become Lambrook Haileybury

1997   B. J. Hare becomes Headmaster

1998   The Science and IT block is completed

1999   The Headmaster’s house is ready for occupation

1999   R. J. G. Deighton becomes Headmaster

2000  The Pre Prep building is completed

2000  The Millennium Wood is planted

2001   Westfield’s old Pre Prep rooms are converted for girls’ boarding

2001   The Fives Court is converted into a classroom

2001   Power’s field is drained to create playing fields

2002  The Astroturf comes into operation

2002  Three new cricket nets are installed

2002  The Junior (Lower School) Block is extended

2002  The Prep School Adventure Playground is installed

2003  The Squash Court extension provides extra classrooms

2003  The Dining Room is extended

2004  Prep and Pre Prep gravel playgrounds are surfaced

2005   J. Barnes becomes Headmaster

2006  The Swimming Pool is renovated

2006  The Drama Studio and Music Suite are created

2007  The Westfield Saplings Nursery opens with sixteen pupils

2008  Turf nets are installed for cricket practice

2009  Lambrook Haileybury reverts to its former name of Lambrook

2009  A computer organ replaces the former console in the Chapel

2010   J. Perry becomes Headmaster

2010   A stained-glass rose window is installed in the Chapel

2010  The environmental area and pond are created

2010   An additional adventure playground is installed

2011   The Pre Prep Willow Walk and Story-Telling Space are created

2011   An allotment is created near the environmental area

2011   Equipment is installed to harvest and recycle rainwater

2012   A new Grounds and Maintenance Compound is constructed

2013   The Diamond Jubilee Centre for Performing Arts is opened

2013   Three new classrooms are created on the site of the former Assembly Hall, and the existing classrooms are refurbished

2014   The Churcher Room extension to the School Library allows pupils to access and research digital information resources

2015   The new 25 metre Swimming Pool is opened

2015   The Pre Prep Building is adapted for pupils to move freely between indoor and outdoor learning environments

2016   Hives for bee-keeping are established in the Orchard

2016   Lambrook is named Tatler magazine’s ‘Prep School of the Year’

2017   An additional sports pitch is created in the Lambrook Meadow

2018   The Queen’s Building is completed, providing outstanding facilities for Art, DT, and IT, as well as academic classrooms, changing rooms, and a new Reception area

2019   The Dance Studio is opened in the Diamond Jubilee Centre

2019   An additional Woodland Area is planted

2019   The Farm Area and Elisabeth’s Orchard are opened

2019   Higher mesh fencing is installed around the Astroturf facility

2019   Hard courts are constructed behind the Sports Hall

2019   J. Perry is named Tatler Magazine’s Headmaster of the Year

2020  The Lower School extension and refurbishment are completed