Lambrook offers weekly and flexi-boarding for boys and girls from age 7 to 13. We have a thriving boarding community where pupils board anything from five nights a week to one night every so often. There are two boarding houses, Lambrook House for girls and Westfield for boys. Each house is overseen by a house parent and supported by tutors.

Boarding is seen as a happy extension of Lambrook School life with 75% of the Prep School taking advantage of boarding in some way. Our boarding offers a great opportunity to prepare pupils for their future schools, where 95% of our pupils go on to board. The experience and independence gained at this slightly younger age is an extremely positive and helpful stepping stone for all that awaits them at their future schools and beyond.

All boarders, whether weekly, flexible or occasional, are fully integrated into boarding life and are part of a home from home family environment where they eat, work and to relax together – making the most of the fantastic on site facilities. In the summer months at Lambrook, swimming, cricket, golf and other outdoor games are played by all our boarders well into the evening. In the winter, indoor ball games, cooking and baking, movie nights, bonfire evenings and other such activities ensure that there is never a dull moment!